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• Address: 10 Aviatorilor Street, 207280 Ghercesti, Dolj County, ROMANIA
• Facility: Close to Craiova International Airport, having direct access to the runway (0.8 miles)
Main Activities
• Advanced Trainer Aircraft manufacturer - IAR 99 SOIM;
• Maintenance Repair and Overhaul of Military aircraft;
• Industrial products manufacturer

• Products:
    - IAR-99 SOIM - advanced jet trainer
    - Structural subassemblies for civil aircraft

• Number of employees: 318
Brief History
AVIOANE CRAIOVA S.A. was established in 1972 for developing, manufacturing and providing product support of military aircraft to Romanian Air Force.
The company began by co-operating with former Yugoslavia and developing the joint project of the ground attack aircraft IAR-93 (around than 200 aircrafts were built and entered in service since than).

During the 1980's, an advanced jet trainer IAR-99 was designed in co-operation with the National Institute for Aerospace, manufactured inhere; the aircraft is still currently in production and in Romanian Air Force service, as a modernized version IAR 99 SOIM. Designed, manufactured in Avioane's own facilities and certified with MoD's Flight Test Centre flight test facilities, it is a proof of the company's outstanding capabilities as an ideal partner in aircraft development and manufacture.
Key Features
The capabilities cover a wide range of engineering, maintenance, testing and certification to production engineering, design and manufacturing of tools and jigs, manufacturing of aircraft and product support. The range in the manufacturing field covers almost all areas for classic metallic aero structures as:
machining parts of aluminum alloys and steel, accompanied by needed plants for special processes, qualified for aviation as heat and protective surface treatments (cadmium plating, anodizing, alodine, chromium plating etc.);
sheet metal manufacturing parts and structural assembly, with anodizing and primer coating facilities, optical transparencies manufacturing unit (for aircraft canopies);
general assembly, final assembly, equipping and ground testing with a medium size final painting facility;
laboratory for materials and equipment testing and a range of digital measuring machine (C.M.M.), from small to medium and large size.

Quality Management System
The company Quality Management System is certified according to:
EN ISO 9001-2000 certified - European Organization for Quality
EN/AS 9100 - certification 003/12.2006, AEROQ 032/12.2006, Ministry of Defense 027/12. 2006
Production Organization Approval EASA 21 - Subpart G - AACR.G.002/03.2007
Supplier Approvals:
- Fokker Aerospace - FAE - F-QP04-091/09.2005
The System is fully documented in Quality Manual.
Major customers and developed projects
Romanian Air Force - IAR 99 SOIM
Bombardier Transportation, Sweden - subway wagons components & subassemblies
Stork Fokker AESP. bv, of Netherlands - civil aircraft components & subassemblies
SABCA, Belgium - civil aircraft components & subassemblies (Airbus 330-340, 380)
Romanian Ministry of Transportation - subassemblies & assemblies for passenger coaches
Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior - pliable & slider stairs

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